What Is The Worst ICO Of 2018? Vibeo ICO

We’ve seen some bad ICOs come around and usually they fly by without being able to raise their intended softcap or hardcap, but we think this one might have the marketing to do so, however will be lacking the core fundamentals that will take it any further than it’s initial coin offering price.

vibeo ico scam

It seems all of their team have profiles without a fully disclosed picture and instead have these graphically drawn avatars, therefore without having the team visible it’s very likely that Vibeo is a scam.

On to the project, looking at some of the code that is run through the Vibeo app that can be found on Android or iOS we can see that the code behind the software is stolen from various other projects, and recompiled into this basic looking and barely functional application.

When looking through the advisors we see that many of the advisors are nobodies who have likely been paid to be on the advisory board. Not only do they not bring anything to the project, they simply scoop up tokens which they get paid for free and will likely be dumping on regular users.

Pre-sale dates look to start in the middle of september, the most likely reasoning for this is we are expecting a big cryptocurrency bull run during the latter months of the year, by placing their ICO in these late stages of the year it appeals to more investors and therefore helps them raise more money.

Overall when looking at this ICO in total review we think this will be one of the worst performing ICO’s in 2018, we’ve looked at some other reviews such as this Vibeo ICO Review and found that many agree that the project looks very scam-like on the surface level and doesn’t have good expected growth.

Maybe we will all be shocked and they will perform well, but so far it’s not off to a good start for Vibeo.

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